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“I’m surprised at how fast this worked!” R.H.


“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this.” T. W.


“I felt peaceful…like I released unwanted feelings.” C.D.


“After the session, I can think of the situation and still not like what happened but it does not affect me on a cellular level where it interrupts my life.” N.R.

"This helped me clear up issues that have been bothering me for years." MJ.C.S.


From a client who had tried other treatments for a year prior and still had the issue until she tried Ennergetics.

"I'm calling to cancel my next appointment. The first session worked so well that I don't need another!"


From a client with a more than 20 year fear of heights. We tested how well the session worked by climbing a ladder up to an observation tower.

"I still don't like heights but I can climb up here and before I wouldn't have been able to do that."


This client had intense stress from a long term relationship that had gone bad.

"I had so much anger and hurt and now it just feels neutral. I feel like I can deal with the situation now."


This client retired from the police force and had trouble going to and staying asleep and had been using prescription sleep medication for years. 

"I slept last night for the first time in years without taking the sleep medication."

I recommended that he contact his physician. I checked in a month later and he had completely weaned off taking any sleep medication and was sleeping soundly.


Physical pain vanished.

"I would never have guessed that this pain I've had for a year would go away from doing this."

Overwhelmed by pain, grief, loss and trauma.

"I feel so empowered, like I can do the things that I've wanted to do but couldn't. I have my power back. I have me back."


The Stress reaction for these people was neutralized and .....

"I feel so much better!"

"I feel calm and peaceful."

"I feel so energized but calm."

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